Thursday, March 15, 2007

European Real Estate Site Gathers, Organizes Property Ads

As a gadget lover and early adopter of new technologies, I just had to share this interesting bit of news. A European property search engine, called, launched in beta in November. It includes for-sale and rental listings from many countries that are somewhat integrated with Google Maps (clicking on the map will provide a list of properties in the general area, but properties are not individually mapped).

The name apparently derives from paparazzi -- those are the annoying, invasive, parasitic photographers who chase celebrities. The site's listings are collected "from thousands of Web sites," according to a site description. Free to use, it requires no registration. The company, based in Barcelona, Spain, says it is not an agency, a broker or a publisher. According to, it is "a Web site that gathers and organizes property ads, and then helps people find the Web sites that publish those ads." Property types include houses, plots, bungalows, farms, castles, developments, apartments, town houses, penthouses, mews, ranches, studios, villas and flats. Tom Dibaja of told Inman News in an interview this week that there are about 1.3 million properties currently listed at the site. An enhanced version of the Web site is due out next week.

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