Monday, October 8, 2007

BoA, JPMorgan Chase May Announce Record Losses

WOOF! The Financial Times is reporting that Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase are thought to be on the verge of announcing combined losses of $3 billion from mortgage-backed securities and leveraged loans when they report third-quarter earnings this month. The announcements would bring total losses at the world's leading banks from subprime-related assets to $20 billion, said the newspaper.

JPMorgan Chase's losses will come on leveraged loans of $1.4 billion, Sanford Bernstein analyst Howard Mason said in the report. He also anticipates it will suffer an additional $700 million in writedowns on mortgages and mortgage-backed securities, said Financial Times. Bank of America is expected to see around $700 million in leveraged loan losses and mortgage writedowns of $300 million. The newspaper added that the two entities lend significantly to private equity firms, so most of their writedowns will come from leveraged loan commitments they'd have to take a loss on if they sold now.

Yikes. More of the "things getting worse before they get better" phase we are now in. Hold on, it's going to continue to be a bumpy ride!

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