Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Analysts Worried About Ford, GM

Okay, not to be alarmist, but here is another reason why all those people who feel safe with their investments in blue-chip carmakers might want to rethink things:

Granted, predicting the outcome of a coin flip is a 50-50 proposition. But General Motors and Ford have been in dire financial straits for several years. Now, financial analysts are predicting the two companies could be bankrupt within five years.

I would like to see this analysis restated a few months after the presidential election in November. The economy generally improves after a presidential election. The key is going to be oil prices, not the overall general economy.

Now why do I bring all this up? Because there are so many people who fear commercial/investment real estate, but seem content with their Ford and GM pension funds, if they are current or former employees, or shareholder investments. I am all in favor of supporting my employer if there is stock to be owned, but to keep all your eggs in one basket is a big risk.

Also, money in these pension funds, now held by corporations on shaky financial ground, often are sitting in self-directed IRAs. And the IRAs, at the direction of the individual investor, are invested in the corporate stock. These same funds can be invested in income-producing real estate complete with a plethora of tax advantages.

If people will keep an open mind. Bottom line: Now is not the time to be invested in American automobile stocks, IMHO. It is a buyers market for certain types of real estate, especially for first-time investors. THAT is where people should be moving money. It has nowhere to go but up.

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