Friday, November 21, 2008

CNN/Money 401(k) Coverage Continues To Disappoint

Once more, CNN/Money magazine has another story about losses in American citizens' 401(k) programs.

And while one piece of the advice is good -- ask your financial adviser what the heck is happening to your account and why -- they continue to leave out a critical piece of information.

All the conversation about 401(k) investments is about stocks and bonds, and the latest story from this investment news partnership continues to disappoint.

Here is the latest. Note the lack of any mention of investment real estate and 401(k) portfolios. Perhaps the most powerful piece of a diversified portfolio, mainly because real estate identified as an IR. 1031 asset, is indefinitely shielded from capital gains taxes. Indefinitely deferred, to be precise. And yet they ignore it.

So very sad, and yet another reason why I continue to be disappointed in my former profession.

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