Thursday, December 18, 2008

Transition Period

The transition is complete.

Here are a few photos from the Columbus Real Estate Exchangors (CREE) meetings these past two weeks. Last week I presided over my last meeting -- the annual holiday breakfast and awards program. This event is a time for CREE members to just relax, socialize and recognize outstanding work in the field of commercial/investment real estate. A super event, filled with wonderful food and great friends and colleagues. We feasted on a sumptuous buffet breakfast at Little Bear Golf Club in southern Delaware County, Ohio, where the organization meets weekly for its marketing sessions and information exchanges.

Even with icy roads and cars spinning off highways and into ditches, nearly 100 members of CREE and their guests braved the weather to attend this annual event. Officers for 2009 were sworn in and we presented awards for outstanding IRS 1031 transactions by members during 2008. In addition, a number of members were recognized for special service to the organization during the past year.

Long-time CREE member (and past president) Judy Tackett swears in the 2009 officers (from left): President, Phil Manogg, Furman Tinon Real Estate; Vice President, Jim Simmons, Prudential CRES Commercial; Treasurer, Ryan Puckett, Columbus Financial Group; and Secretary, Amber Balo, Prudential CRES Commercial.

Judy Tackett has a gift for verse and her stuff can be pretty funny. Per tradition, she wrote a send-off to the outgoing president. She got some laughs, and pretty much did a nice job capturing the essence of the year. Titled "Brent Greer Your Time Is Near," here are a few of my favorite lines from her piece:

As our leader, you've learned to be quick
Guiding our eetings with precision and wit

Controlling our meetings is no easy feat
But you are up to the challenge each time we meet

Had we known you were a teacher of self defense
We might have reacted better when things got tense

Good for us you never needed that training
When you found the attention of the group was waning

Nicely done Judy. Thanks for the time you put into this epic ballad of a humble commercial/investment agent leading the most sophisticated, creative minds in this industry in Central Ohio. Like you said in your lyric, some days it was magic, some days it was like trying to herd bumble bees. But each day, it was truly a joy.
Judy pointed out something else interesting to me -- an observation that gave everyone in the room a kind of "how the world has changed" moment. As readers of CASH ON CASH know, I am an avid blogger. This site for real estate, another site for my interest in politics, etc. Judy observed how amazed she was that CREE has a president who utilizes blogging to help not only his practice but to benefit his clients, a true exploitation of new technology. And yet it wasn't all that long ago, she reminded everyone, that women were not allowed to be members of the Board of Realtors.
The first female president of CREE, Elly Creager (1969), was not permitted to join. Yet male members of the Board regularly snuck data and the property books to her not only to help her with her successful practice, but to give her access to rudimentary trending information as to what was happening in Columbus real estate at that time. Her husband, a builder, later obtained his real estate license so Elly could obtain needed information to run her business without haveing it "smuggled" to her by the male members.
Indeed, we have come a long, long way.

Here I am, flanked (from left) by Phil Manogg, Furman Tinon Real Estate, and Jim Simmons, Prudential CRES Commercial, 2009 CREE president and vice president, respectively.

At this morning's meeting, I was honored by 2009 President Phil Manogg and members who were present for the last marketing session of the year. They presented me with this beautiful plaque as thanks for my year as president of CREE. It was a good year for the organization. I believe, marked most importantly by a significant increase in membership.

Without question, I am honored to have been been asked to guide this ship during 2008. While it is called the "Columbus" Real Estate Exchangors, it truly is a multi-county, regional organization. Central Ohio covers some seven or eight counties and agents and brokers have clients not only here, but throughout the nation.

Founded in 1959 as The Trade and Exchange Association, its first president was Larry Horn. I was the 50th president. It is an incredibly dynamic organization of which I am proud to be a part. The most creative minds in real estate -- it sounds arrogant, even pompous -- but it is true. To be asked to lead this organization was humbling, to be sure. It was stressful, it was time-consuming, it was challenging. Most of all, in the end, it was fun.

Phil, Jim, Ryan, Amber, and all the members of CREE, here is to a fantastic 2009!

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Jody White said...

Brent, congratulations on such a great year. Bob was delighted that you accepted the challenge and knew you would do a great job. I appreciate your kindness in inviting us to the Christmas Party and value your friendship.

Jody White, SRES, ePRO, CSP
Coldwell Banker King Thompson