Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Moving Up The Ranks

Business First of Columbus, a weekly business newspaper in Central Ohio, each year publishes something called the "Book of Lists." The book includes rankings of top businesses in a number of categories, such as financial planners, banks, insurance companies, etc.

The latest book is out, and our brokerage, Prudential CRES Commercial, has cracked the Top 10. We are ranked number nine. Last year we were ranked 16th. Actually we would be ranked higher now considering the growth we have experienced since the book went to print. The rankings are based on the number of licensed Central Ohio brokers and sales agents at the brokerage. Our growth is a testament, once again, to the late Bob White, whom I have written about a couple times recently. He knew how to bring in the best and brightest. And though he did not live to see our big jump up the rankings, he is responsible. Somewhere, he is smiling.

Also, a surprise. My colleague Nidal Saleh and I were named in the publication as the top agents in the company for 2008 in brokerage and leasing. A shock when you see your name in print and you had no idea ahead of time. A nice shock, though.

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