Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Brokerage Is Changing Its Name

Well, we are changing our name . . . slightly.

I am now part of Prudential Commercial Real Estate. Why,? you ask . . . Don't you know you are already with Prudential?

Of course I know! Its just that the letters "CRES" were part of the name until this week. It was confusing for many, as the acronym stood for "Commercial Real Estate Solutions." See the redundancy?

It may all seem silly and no big deal. Until you think about all the stuff that needs to be changed. Because it is a legal matter.

Anyway, I was out yesterday peeling vinyl off some signs at my listings. And I am in the process of making sure all of my online signatures, email, blogs and social network sites reflect the change as well. It all has to be done this week. Other silk screened signs may have white duct tape used to cover the letters no longer being used until new signs can be ordered. Hmmm....

For some it sounds simple. Its not. Thankfully its someone else's reponsibility to change over business cards, letterhead, envelopes, email addresses, office websites, remind agents to change their individual websites, marketing literature, bound property marketing packages, brochures, consumer guide's, investment discussion pieces, electronic presentations, etc., etc., etc.

Oh what fun . . .

Respectfully submitted,

Brent Greer
Prudential Commercial Real Estate


Michelle said...

I feel your pain, Brent. Name changes are tedious, but in your case it seems to totally make sense. Your new name more directly explains your services. You can never go wrong in helping consumers understand what you do by your name. Acronyms and one- word, mean-nothing business names are often confusing and don't serve the purpose of building relationships with business prospects. What you're doing may be a chore. But once completed, I believe you'll realize the benefits of the work involved in the change. How many companies are afraid to change their names because it would CAUSE confusion? It takes boldness, communication and consistency to make the effort worthwhile. Way to go!

Brent said...

I totally agree. It is far more clear now. CRES was always there, but was confusing.
Tedious is an understatement. But necessary.
Thanks for writing!