Saturday, August 1, 2009

Multifamily Staying Strong As Other Commercial Sectors Stagnate

A colleague noted in a recent meeting that new reports show all segments of commercial real estate are off. Meaning, transactions are down. The reasons are many . . . lenders tightening requirements, sellers thinking their properties were carved by Midas (think about it) . . . buyers only wanting to steal something, instead of pick up a good value.

The only segment that is holding its own is multifamily. And I have written on why this would likely be the case for more than a year. I won't bore you by repeating it all, but will provide a link to a story about the trend, and the reasons this is occurring.

Still, there are opportunities abounding in commercial investment real estate right now. I know real estate agents and specialists like myself who are picking up properties left and right. Or, if they can't afford what they want, they are pooling funds with other investment realtors and buying everything they can nail down. Group investing, we call it.

I'm jumping in as well. Working to convert equity in family land holdings into income-producing properties. Spotting the opportunities are like separating the wheat from the chaff. Its a bit time consuming but it can be done and the rewards are significant.

Keep an open mind. The more creative both buyers and sellers are willing to be, the better it is for all parties involved.

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