Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Tale Of Two Properties

Okay, this has nothing to do with investment real estate but I found it worth passing along.

I came across a great piece today about home sales. And the question asked was, and I am paraphrasing here, "what would you think is the most expensive home on the market in the U.S.?"

If you guessed it is in California you would be right. But it is not Candy Spelling's sprawling property -- a spacious 55,000+ square feet -- listed for a cool $140 million. That comes out to $2,700 per square foot.

No, based on square footage, the most expensive home is a beach "shack" in Carpinteria, Calif. The cozy 641 square foot cottage is listed for $5.3 million. But on a square footage basis, get ready, it is priced at around $7,000.

What makes this place so special? Well, it has an ocean view. And then that's about it. There is the sound of rushing traffic nearby. About the only people around are surfers, and there is no significant acreage that goes with it.

Click here for more on a tale of two properties. An interesting look at two very different properties.

No takers for either property yet.....

Seriously, the small home phenomenon continues to grow. I recently sat in on a presentation by a representative of a company that manufactures small homes -- Eco-Cottages they are called. I can't help but see one sitting on a piece of remote real estate my family owns. About 550 square feet, heavily insulated to keep it warm during bitter Midwest winters, but covered in windows so that the occupant can feel they are a part of nature, and not secluded from it.

I am partial to the Palmeco model. I can envision it nestled against the Knob Hill of a certain farm on a snowy day....

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