Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Year New Challenges

For many, 2012 has come in like a lion. The U.S. stock market charted its best January in a dozen years, and a handful of economic indicators show we may have finally hit bottom (strange to say that is a good thing).

But unemployment remains very high, inflation has hit as indicated by costs of goods at the grocery and elsewhere. Further some food costs are skyrocketing because of competition for grain now being diverted to produce ethanol for fuel worldwide. That trickles down into the cost for beef, pork, breakfast cereals and many other products that rely on corn.

To the good, phones appear to be ringing off the hook in commercial real estate offices around the U.S., this one included. I have received multiple inquiries on all of my listings, as have my office colleagues.

I have wondered why, but the reason is likely one of two:  Business can no longer put off essential hiring and modest growth despits uncertainties over the Obama administrations continually moving regulatory targets. OR, as one business broadcast put it last night -- the stock market movers and shakers have decided that President Obama is likely to lose so with that thought they are moving ahead under the assumption that the next administration will be more "producer" friendly.

I don't know what the reason is. All I know is that my clients properties are getting lots of activity after a couple years of quiet due to uncertainty about the economy, unpredictable and constant changes to federal regulations, and fear of explosive inflation as the Federal Reserve continues to pump cash into the economy.

How did your 2012 start out?

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