Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PLEASE Be Accurate

Message to my non-office industry colleagues, especially the occasional residential agents dabbling in CRE.

- PLEASE don't list a For Lease property as having no CAM or additional charges beyond rent, then show that it as a Double Net opportunity.

- PLEASE don't tally the combined number of years left on tenant leases in a retail center (two years for Business A, one year for Business B, five years for Business C, etc.), then advertise that there are eight years left on the lease.

- PLEASE don't show a downtown medical office space as being adjacent to the university medical center . . . which is five-plus miles away.

Look, we all make mistakes from time to time. And yes, there is a learning curve if you are new. But continual carelessness leads this author -- and most experienced investment specialists -- to seriously question with whom I want to work. If I think your information is chronically suspect, I likely won't even look at it when searching for properties my investors or tenant rep clients require.

Thus endeth the rant. Thank you.

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