Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SMH ....

Shaking by my head this morning ....

1) Broker (hereafter referred to as Broker 1) at local residential agency that made a big deal when it opened its doors a couple years back, announces it is winding down. Too much growth too fast, and difficulty making it a profitable company while the economy is off. He doesn't like flagship's marketing plans looking forward. Complains that flagship company, hereafter referred to as The Mother Ship, with whom he is aligned isn't being helpful. His issues with the flagship, he claims, make it impossible for him to sell his brokerage, or transfer it.

2) My broker, Broker 2, informed by this author that our statewide residential sister company might be able to pick up new agents, reaches out to Broker 1.

3) Broker 2 helps Broker 1 resolve the issue with The Mother Ship.  An understanding is quickly agreed to that Broker 1 will recommend Broker 2's highly successful, statewide operation to his agents.

4) Broker 1, once unencumbered from his obligations to The Mother Ship, more or less ignores the gentleman's agreement, and recommends his agents transfer en masse, if they want, to a third brokerage that wants to enter the Central Ohio marketplace in a big way. 

No good deed goes unpunished.

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