Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Land Development Hook Like None Other!

When land developers start assembling acreage, there will be a hook for marketing once home sites area ready to sell. At the base end it's good schools, near shopping, etc. For others, there might be economic attractions.

And for others, there's well ..... sufficed to say, what better "hook" could there be to push new homesites than to say -- you get not just to visit the happiest place on Earth, but actually live there!

In Lake Buena Vista, Fla., the Walt Disney Company has carved out a portion of its theme park land and turned it into a real estate development. Mansions in the Golden Oak gated community start at $1.8 million, but they've sold as high as $7 million. Natyrally, the typical buyer is a fan of all thins Disney, which is why the community comes with a bevy of theme park perks, from door-to-gate transportation, extended visiting hours at the park, and of course, park passes.

What seals the deal for a lot of buyers is "Hidden Mickey." HM is the incorporation of "The Mouse" into the design of the home. Staircases, backsplashes and even the shape of your backyard poool can all be made to look like Mickey Mouse.  To date, there are some 450 homes in the community, which is divided into four distinct neighborhoods.

Soooo, with that said, what unusual angle or "hook" can you think of for your land development planning? Is there a Gasparilla the Pirate theme, if you are in SW Florida? Or a Lebron James theme somewhere near America's North Coast near Cleveland?

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