Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Jury Duty Has Given Me More Time To Read, Pontificate

I'm in jury duty in Franklin County (Ohio) Municipal Court this week and next, which has provided me a lot of time to read the paper and some magazines (at least more than I usually do). I found story after story online and in hard copy of people losing their pensions, people not sure of the future of their 401(k)s, etc.

It got me thinking on how many people in real estate I know, and people I know who sell stocks, own real estate as an investment. An office building, an apartment building or two, or even a warehouse. Having other people pay your bills for you makes sense when you boil it down. Yet so many people consider it mysterious and even dangerous. Flipping houses is dangerous. Owning real estate to hold, and knowing what you're doing or having a real estate professional help you, is smart. It is astute.

So I'll probably be commenting more in the coming days on stories in the news. I'll either debunk myths or point out a great success someone had. In the meantime, Happy Independence Day!!! And to veterans and service men and women, as well as my three nephews in the service in harm's way in the Middle East, thank you for your service!!!

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