Thursday, April 21, 2011

Humbled, Honored To Be Asked To Participate In Ohio Military Hall of Fame Induction

Someone asked me for a favor a couple of weeks ago. And as unusual as this sounds, I am incredibly humbled to have been asked.

In the late 1990s, a group of people got together to recognize Ohio military veterans who have distinguished themselves and been recognized for valor. Specifically, a local recognition. Something lasting. The Ohio Military Hall of Fame was born and its first class of honorees was inducted in 2000.

This year, Friday May 6, will mark the 12th class of inductees into the Hall. I know several members of the Board of Directors of the organization though various relationships, and have been an avid supporter and attendee for a number of years. Plus, my dad was a WW2 medic who served in the Pacific Theatre and saw action on Leyte Gulf and Okinawa. Additionally, I have three nephews who are active duty Army. This organization is important. What it recognizes is important. It means something.....

So by now you are asking, What does that have to do with "the phone call?"

Simply put, I have been asked to emcee this year's ceremony.

If you are in Central Ohio on the 6th around midday, stop by the Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus at the Ohio Veterans Plaza (the east lawn/Third Street side in front of the Senate office building). We will be outside, weather permitting. If the weather gets bad, the event will move indoors to the Atrium connecting the Statehouse to the Senate building. Beginning promptly at 11:30 am, and concluding at 12:30 pm,  the 2011 class of Honorees will be inducted into the Ohio Military Hall of Fame. When you read the citations, which will be posted to the OMHF website after the ceremony, you will realize it isn't Hollywood. Its real. What they faced was real. This ceremony is a way for them to be recognized by their home state for their actions.

It means something....

To those who thought of me to emcee the 2011 ceremony for the public, thank you. It will be my honor to guide this ceremony for an mere hour in recognition of those who gave so very, very, very much over a period of days, months, years, and even a lifetime.

And to those honorees whom I am yet to meet, thank you for your sacrifice. I am glad Ohio will soon honor your actions and service.

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