Sunday, April 17, 2011

Springtime In Central Ohio (And Then and Now...)

Spring . . . When a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love, or something like that, so the saying goes. The only this this young man knows is that allergy season is already in high gear. A snowy, wet winter, and a wet, moderate spring with few late freezes are guaranteeing a colorful Spring and early Summer. And with it . . . a disaster for we Spring allergy sufferers. Plus, yours truly downing a lot of allergy meds. A really rough time a little over a week ago, with lots of over-the-counter allergy solutions being tried in an attempt just to make it through eachday. Maybe too many. The jury is out on that one... Anyway, for a break from business I thought I would post some photos I shot in the past week. But I lead-off with off with one I shot on the evening of February 1, as a few colleagues and I worked late painting trim and walls at our new office prior to the move. A raging ice storm as we left that evening. Around a 3/4 inch coating on roads, ground and trees overnight, and someone of the strangest sounds as trees dropped limbs onto rooftops through the night hours. The same shot from two days ago is immediately below it. Wow, what a difference a little over two months makes....

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