Friday, August 5, 2011

Participated In a Google + 'CRE Hangout' Video Meeting Today

Duke Long, a CRE broker over in Indianapolis, orchestrated a video meeting of commercial real estate agents and brokers today via Google Plus.

A few sound problems, and at one point I was unable to see video of my fellow attendees. But overall a cool way to share ideas, exchange best practice methodology, and talk futures. On hand was someone from Google (I think) to clean up the chat and filter out some of the annoying feedback. But again, as a tool, Google Plus has incredible possibilities. I am not a Facebook user, but heavily use LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, and of course, this blog, to communicate with clients, prospects, suspects, and readers interested in learning about commercial/investment real estate.

Thanks for putting today's CRE Hangoug together Duke. I look forward to the next session!

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