Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Globe Street Poll: 2011 -- How's It Going?

Globe Street, the commercial real estate news service, continues to run its weekly polls and the results of last week's query is interesting. Well, at least to me. Here it is:

OK, We're Well Into 2011. How's It Going?

41%   It Sucks & I'm Tired of the Recovery Chatter

38%   Starting to See Some Activity. Waiting for '12

21%   I'm Busier Than I Have Been in Two Years
For what it's worth, I fall into the third category. Mostly because I changed the way I do business. Right now I am working day and night, and making significant inroads I was unable to make in past couple of years. I think we may be backsliding a bit economically and 2012 may possibly be as rough as 2010. But there is a window of opportunity now through the remainder of this year.
What we collectively -- investors and my colleagues alike -- make of it is up to us ....

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