Thursday, June 2, 2011

When Adults Act Like Children

When adults act like children, it is insulting. To children.

The owner of IP address 70.30.23 (Roadrunner Commercial account) is well known to me. And for some juvenile reason, they seem to have nothing better to do during the past 12 months or so than spam my comment section. But the name calling of about a week ago brings a particular chuckle. For when one resorts to name calling, as everyone knows, an individual has now surrendered the battle. For they have run out of argument if there was any to begin with. Abandoning the intellectual high road, and intentionally joining with the morally bankrupt who are a growing stain within our communities.

IP 70.30.23, I feel sorry for you. I urge you to get some counseling.... Soon. You need it.

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