Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekend Warriors

With rather short notice last week I was asked to assist with security measures at an event in the Hocking Hills area of SE Ohio. The event -- Warrior Dash.

A friend and I had talked of signing up for it last November, then promptly forgot about it. It quickly sold out. When presented the opportunity to be involved in a behind-the-scenes role, I jumped in mostly because I wanted to see the event in person. It was something else! I ran into many people I knew, including clients of mine whose apartment buildings I have sold near The Ohio State University, and an office colleague who was running with her brother, sister-in-law and friends.

Below is video taken from someone's helmet-cam, with a view of the course as run Saturday and Sunday. I wound up staying over Saturday night rather unexpectedly, and we had two severe thunderstorms during that time. What had been a rugged 3.1 mile obstacle course on Saturday, was a wet, muddy mess come Sunday. Over two days, between 25,000 and 30,000 people competed over the two days. Plus, there were thousands more in attendance to take in great music and food, and cheer on their friends and relatives who were busy jumping fire, crawling through mud, climbing rope cargo nets, swimming large farm ponds, etc.

I it was an incredible event with which to be associated. The organizers have it down to a science, and my hat is off to them. Ryan, Molly and Brianna, really sharp people charged with making Warrior Dash a financial success for its owners, and just plain fun competition for the participatns, pulled off an incredible weekend.

Warrior Dash is one of those spectacles you witness, and while watching both what the participants see, and getting to peek behind the curtain, you say to yourself,  "I wish I had thought of that...."

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