Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First, They Came For The Light Bulbs . . . .

Just because, okay?

Starring at a bookstore near you, er well, at an online bookseller. The bricks and mortar booksellers are dying too.

You have GOT to love the title!  ....  "I Light Bulb: A Death Row Testimonial" (as told from the perspective of a condemned 100-watt light bulb).


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Al Packer said...

Wasn't there activity in Congress just a few days ago --- maybe 150 watts of caustic, maybe from Marco Rubio complaining about one more thing foisted on us that doesn't work, like the new flush toilets....?

Being an obedient citizen, when I had fluoresce light tubes to get rid of, I called my Village office (we have a one-provider system here) and found they had no idea how to dispose of such toxic mercury --- maybe I could call the trash hauler.
Also called the county office that might reasonably have an answer --- and got the same blank.

I trust the book you reference brings out that ALL the fluorescent bulbs which are killing Mr. Edison's invention --- are made in China --- same people who are loaning us money to pay Government "servants" like this.