Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Top 75 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Follow On Twitter

Duke Long is a respected commercial real estate broker in Indianapolis, and, like I, an intense advocate of exploiting (YES, I used the "E" word) bleeding edge technology to communicate and drive business.

And like, like this author, he doesn't clutter his blog with listings or sales pitches. The best commercial real estate blog sites educate, their authors share knowledge. That's just noise. As I have written before, buyers don't need agents to find properties. There are a million and one tools that do that. What experienced brokers and agents do is cut through the chaff, help eliminate red tape and hoops. Or at least make the hoop-jumping less painful.

So I am delighted that Duke's latest roundup of the Top 75 CRE People You Must Follow On Twitter includes your truly. I ranked in at Number 45, which for a number of reasons is a quite meaningful number to me. I am surrounded by incredibly talented peers, whom I am not even going to begin to name for fear of leaving someone off the list. It is an honor to be included among these talented, hardworking, creative practitioners!

Duke, thanks! I am flattered you feel my Tweets on the industry are worthy! As for Lucky .45, as a straight shooter with prospects, suspects and clients, alike, that's one heckuva number with which to be associated!

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