Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why Social Media? Well In Just 60 Seconds....

If anyone in any industry, in particular commercial/investment real estate, has any doubts about whether they should be investing in at least "some" social media usage to propel their business, take a look at this graphic.

The source of the graphic is an internet marketing company, and they hit the nail on the head! This is just so incredibly illustrative of how investors, consumers, and the public in general exploits communication technology every minute of every day. With the increasing usage of technology by buyers of pretty much every product and service, buyers who to the internet first to do a little research before they call an expert or visit a bricks and mortar store. NOT exploiting these technologies leaves you unable to be found.

Get that? If you're not there, you cannot be found. And your potential clients will go elsewhere, no matter how much experience you have. In fact, some individuals or firms who espouse their credentials, but are not using these tools, are conspicuous by their absence. Prospects actually assume something is wrong if they are not hooked into social media, and go elsewhere because of a seed of doubt planted because they could not find an individual or firm online.

The bottom line: If you want to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack, the use of these tools -- most of them free -- is a no brainer.

Judge for yourself....

Whether its the number of emails sent, the number of search queries, or the number of people who look at a blog, the numbers themselves are truly staggering.

So tell me again . . . why would anyone not be interested in social networking for their business? I have a colleague who will jokingly say that he's not interested because he's a dinosaur.

Well, ahem.... we know what happened to to the dinosaurs, don't we?

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