Monday, November 20, 2006

36+ Hours After THE GAME

A 42-39 win over the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday. The so-called Game Of The (21st) Century at Ohio Stadium. I won't bore you with a lot of detail, but just some observations. For the first time in years I did not have tickets to the OSU/UM game. I was invited to a combined tailgate with close friends and colleagues from Wagenbrenner Companies, Casto, and Ruscilli Construction/Development. Many of us had never tailgated at the stadium without later going in to see the game. Great food, and a 50-inch plasma screen, high-definition television about 150 feet west of The Horseshoe made it feel like we were inside. With a 5 second broadcast delay, we frequently knew big plays were about to happen when hearing the roar of the crowd inside preceding the snap of the ball on the TV screen. With about 6 minutes left to play, portal workers opened the gates to allow easy access for departing fans. At this point, they don't enforce the "no pass out" rule. So, several of us made our way into Ohio Stadium with smiles from the ushers. We stood in the aisles to watch the final plays as the clock ticked down the final 5+ minutes. And, of course, we HAD to rush the field at the conclusion of the game, which found the undisputed No. 1 Buckeyes moving on to the BCS championship game on January 8 in Glendale, Arizona. An incredible moment for this life-long Buckeye fan, shared with several long-time friends.

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