Wednesday, November 15, 2006

3 Days to THE GAME

Okay, yes this blog is supposed to be about investment real estate. But living in Columbus, Ohio when the Ohio State Buckeye football team has been ranked No. 1 since before the season began, is undefeated, and is about to take on its Big 10 arch-rival Michigan Wolverines, there is no way not to address it. At 3:30 pm on Saturday, the Bucks will host UM in a match of No. 1 and No. 2 in the nation -- the first time in 103 meetings these two teams have been ranked such when they square off against each other. We already beat a No. 2 team earlier this season -- the Texas Longhorns. And my beloved Buckeyes, I am confident, will overpower the Wolverines. Without tickets for this year's Game, after several years of being front and center in Ohio Stadium, I'm trying to decide whether to head to the stadium area and watch on the Jumbotron at the Hiney Gate party, or watch it from a 50-yardline view in my leather recliner. Oh the dilemma.....

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