Thursday, November 30, 2006

Midwest Ranks High in Manufacturing Competitiveness Study

In a new study, Midwestern/Great Lakes States states ranked very highly, and Ohio ranked first among all states in a research group's assessment of manufacturing competitiveness. The Chicago research firm, eMvoy, evaluated 100,000 companies on factors including technology, stability and Web presence, and then distilled that information to create the state rankings. Ohio, Illinois, Michigan and Pennsylvania took the Top 4 spots.

The company rates manufacturers to sell its services to industrial purchasing agents. In a prepared statement, eMvoy CEO Craig Landy said: "There is so much confusion about the state of American manufacturing. The public perception is that, overall, U.S. manufacturing is weak. After looking at 100,000 manufacturers, we found that the state of U.S. manufacturing is not bad -- as long as you are in the right state.

Here are the Top 10 states in manufacturing competitiveness, as ranked by eMvoy:

1. Ohio
2. Illinois
3. Michigan
4. Pennsylvania
5. Texas
6. Wisconsin
7. Minnesota
8. Indiana
9. New York
10. California

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