Wednesday, March 23, 2011

$1 Trillion In Private Equity Looking For Businesses To Buy

While this isn't a post about commercial/investment real estate, there is quite a busy trade these days in good, solid businesses.

In fact, by some estimates, there is some $1 trillion in money held by private equity funds that are itching to invest in good businesses. After taking a couple years off, buyers are hungry for product and are awash with funds. My partners at Blue Rock Realty Advisors and I are going to be taking a second look at business opportunities with our clients, as some heavy-hitter business brokers with which we want to partner are emerging in this go-go climate.

So if you have a business with a value of at least $10 million, or even $50 or $100 million, we would like to talk to you. A long, healthy list of buyers is out there . . . .

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