Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fast 'In Contract" Properties A Sign Of Encouragement

A lot of agents would be discouraged if they were working to put buyers into investment properties and each time they are ready to write the offer, we learn the subject property has already gone into contract. Colleague Jack Turner and I have been experiencing just this very dilemma this week as part of representation of a specific buyer. The properties that make sense, sometimes a day or two before -- sometimes just an hour or two before -- are going into contract. Disappointing? Not really, though the search continues. The reality? THIS IS GOOD NEWS! While I am frustrated (a little, I will admit) that the search continues, the positive news on this is that good, solid investment properties are coming to market, they are being priced right, and long pent-up buyers are stepping up and buying them. The market is improving, my friends. That quality properties are suddenly showing up? Good news. That they are going into contract almost immediately? Also good news.

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