Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blue Rock Partner Jack Turner Starts A Blog

My partner in Blue Rock Realty Advisors, Jack Turner, has just put up a new blog, titled "Jack Turner's Realty Investment World."

He is of the same philosophy as I -- its not about transactions, but about finding the right high quality fit, the appropriate solution, for our real estate investor clients. Jack's background is a little different than mine; in addition to brokerage, he has wide-ranging experience in development and construction.

I have already linked Cash On Cash to his new site. Among his first posts are ongoing discussions on the use of self-directed IRAs to purchase investment real estate. While I have posted here a couple of times on the subject in the past, Jack has included commentary on some of the more recent regulations and restrictions of such.

Check out Jack's new blog soon, and often. I am confident it will be worth the trip! And drop him a note or comment to say hello. I remember launching Cash On Cash . . . I wondered whether anyone was taking the time to look at it after all of the effort getting it ready to publish. Jack is going through the same trials. But the product is sharp and -- knowing him -- will also be rich with useable information.

Congrats on the new initiative my friend!

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