Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prudential To Roll Out 'Bring Your Challenges' Campaign

The Prudential family of companies, which of course includes commercial/investment and residential real estate, financial services and insurance products, is rolling out a $50M national campaign centering around the theme: "Bring Your Challenges."

A multimillion dollar initiative, designed to increase visibility and understanding of the iconic "Rock" product offerings (which a long time ago expanded beyond its insurance lines), the theme will include print, television and electronic advertising with a message that crosses all areas in which our firm has a presence.

The company already spends around $60M annually on general Prudential brand awareness, and studies show the Rock device and Prudential name are recognized by 98 percent of consumers.

But this additional campaign is centered around a specific theme -- Bring Your Challenges.

Now my personal business philosophy, "What you want, how you want it." is always (of course) tempered with my counsel. What it still comes down to, however, is creating solutions that fit my clients' long- and short-term goals.

So bring me your challenges.....

(and thus concludes my shameless self promotion.....)

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